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We offer our uninterrupted service to the SOC operators in Karachi Port for safe receiving / manifesting / issue delivery order / storing in safe custody and prompt re-exporting of the same as per the instructions given by the owner of the container or the importer or the shipper himself. To facilitate this service our company is registered with customs / port and having a special license to handle SOC / COC in port of Karachi.

We are specialized in handling SOC tankers in Karachi port and for this we do all the procedures as required by the local authority and we do re-exporting of the same as per the instructions of the principles.

With our shipper owned containers, we take responsibility for ensuring that all licenses and paperwork are in order and stay with your shipment until the consignee has accepted it. The quality of our shipper owned containers is based on the quality of work of each personnel in our team.

Carrier Own Container (COC)

We have a very close tie up / rapport with all major COC operators ie., the main liners / carriers for any type of containers with best ocean freight for world wide destinations. With this privilege we meet the requirements of our clients like importers / exporters / principals for their nominations.

We have our own special team to concentrate mainly for ODC /project cargo.

If you are looking for a good / reliable company for your important cargo on ocean shipping containers (COC) / any type of containers requirements, you can readily trust Swift Shipping & Container Line.

We have special system for reporting / tracking the containers from the origin of loading till the same reaches the final destinations. Our system of reporting will ensure the where about of the cargo. We have skilled staff for reporting the status of the cargo, tracking stage by stage till final destinations.