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International Cargo Management have now grown rapidly in highly skilled professionals combining numerous years of experience in the Air & Sea Freight forwarding industry. Relationships are important to us, particularly those with our customers. One client and one relationship at a time has helped us build our business. We start by identifying each customer's unique needs so that we can guarantee that they are always addressed throughout our partnership and with every shipment we handle.

Izhar Ul Haq Qamar

CEO & Founder
ICM Pakistan
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ICM Pakistan ICM Pakistan

We have developed a special ability to help our clients satisfy the demands of their customers because of our ongoing interactions with significant clients in sectors including fashion, retail, and consumer electronics. We have made the most of our connections to build a safe local network of carriers and agents across the globe to satisfy and anticipate these requests. Our best asset—a superb and devoted staff of international cargo management—is responsible for the success of these collaborations and networks. Our staff has established a reputation for consistency, on-time delivery, and within budget thanks to its dedication to getting the job done.

International Cargo Management is now among the goods forwarders in the market with the quickest rate of growth because to its dedication. We simply want to be recognized as one of the best, not the quickest or largest! Our company is based in the heart of Pakistan, in a prime location, and boasts a global agent network to offer complete global coverage. Our ability to deliver high lift capability and hoist our clients’ items, even in the most urgent and difficult situations, is demonstrated daily thanks to this coverage and our staff.


ICM is a pioneer in Pakistani logistics. The business was established with the goal of being the leading provider of logistics services. It now serves clients from all over the world with end-to-end supply chain solutions as one of the biggest and most reputable goods forwarding companies in Pakistan. We are an energetic organization that specializes in shipping and related activities. We manage about 12,000 LCLs and 15,000 Tues of ocean freight annually, as well as 1,200 Metric Tons of air freight, to and from a variety of locations around the world, including North America, Europe Continent, Scandinavian, and Mediterranean ports, Far East & China, South-Central America, Canada, the Middle East, East/West, and South Africa.


By providing comfort, affordability, and efficiency, it is our goal to establish ourselves as your company’s go-to transportation option. Our staff of devoted logistics specialists from 1logistic is included in our All-Inclusive services and can fulfil your needs and go above and beyond.


Since our inception, we have excelled at providing the best caliber, most environmentally friendly logistics at affordable prices. Our team of highly skilled individuals is passionate about what they do, and this inspires us to constantly innovate to develop new partnerships with our clients and partners. We thrive on delivering a significant return on investment while collaborating with our clients to realize their business objectives.

Our Mission

Our mission statement outlines who we are, how we came to be, and why we exist.

Logistic Expert

The business promises to treat every customer with personal attention by offering the highest levels of practice, dependable performance, and value-added services.

Client Expectations

Being an industry partner by offering warehouse and transportation services that satisfy the needs of the client in terms of productivity, affordability, and quality of service.

Outstanding Service

To consistently deliver exceptional service and receive compensation commensurate with our risk, investment, and results.

Dependable Partner

To establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust that has been established via the regular provision of high-caliber services.

Our Vision

With the use of our road map, we can provide the business a clear path.

Exceptional Services

Through innovation and the amplification of service standards, S1logistic strives to provide the best caliber services to its clients in order to support business logistics and to completely satisfy its clients.

Satisfaction Of Customers

The business also puts a lot of effort into streamlining its operations and making certain that every service is provided with the highest care to satisfy its clients.

Superior Services

By innovating, redefining, and revolutionizing logistics technologies and procedures and providing top-notch services, 1logistic aspires to become the most sought-after logistics partners in Pakistan.

A Single-Source Approach

The company’s goal is to serve importers and exporters by being a one-stop shop for all their needs, including customs, airfreight, and sea freight.

Core values of ICM

Our road map gives the business a clear direction.

ICM Value Creation

Through creative ideas and fulfilling careers, we can create real value for our clients, employees, and shareholders.


ICM continues the process of innovation and improvement because we believe in excellence.


In our capacity as a service provider, we are committed to the success of our clients and give our all to every project and assignment we undertake. We are dedicated to exceeding shareholder expectations as well as to the professional growth of our workforce.

Maintain Supply Chains in Motion

ICM is compelled to be agile to adapt to the continuously shifting market conditions. With our asset-light company strategy, we may avoid the need for substantial investments by choosing more effective alternatives, all the while maintaining the same level of service quality. We offer a broad variety of services to your company as part of our logistics and distribution efforts. We offer contract logistics as well as transportation by land, sea, rail, and air. Our entire team is dedicated to giving you flawless freight management. Our organizational structure keeps the supply chain moving.