Why ICM should be your transport and logistics company of choice.

As a global freight forwarder, ICM provides and manages supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day. Whether you are a small family-run businesses or large global corporation we focus on keeping your supply chains flowing through operational excellence and sustainable growth. This is at the core of our purpose, vision and mission.

Our skilled people with industry know-how, modern warehouses, strong carrier relationships and a global network across 80 countries position us to better serve your needs. We help you achieve your business objectives through a unique blend of optimised and flexible solutions, combined with visibility tools, secure IT infrastructure and sustainability.


ICM provide optimised transportation and logistics solutions designed by our supply chain experts, ensuring the right balance between costs, CO2 compensation, service levels, lead times and risk. Our global network and strong partnerships provide you with a carrier mix tailored to your needs. We ensure optimisation across all modes of transport through the insights of our local experts. In our Customer Success Programme we are mapping how customers experience our services to helps us identify our strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Security and visibility

ICM provides secure IT infrastructure protected by cyber security measures and strong digital solutions and interfaces across all transport modes. We provide real-time end-to-end visibility and control at shipment and purchase order level enabled by our track and trace and POMS (Purchase Order Management Systems). These dynamic and flexible solutions enable customers to manage complex logistics solutions, increase supply chain efficiency and better manage inventory and costs. ICM dedicated teams are always ready to support you and your business with additional security.


ICM has become experts at adapting to changing market conditions and providing flexible solutions to meet your business needs. Our business model is asset light. This means we can quickly scale activities to match changes in market demand. We can also pick the best suppliers for any service depending on factors like reliability, available capacity, transit time, sustainability factors and price.


As a leader in transport and logistics, ICM has an important role to play in helping the industry transition to greener more environmentally friendly practices. We provide sustainable and efficient transport solutions through better planning, new technologies and innovative solutions. We work with sustainability across all areas of our business, from air, sea and road freight to contract logistics.

In order to reduce your supply chain’s carbon footprint, ICM also provides consolidation, shift in transportation modes, load optimisation, container fill rates, and a global transportation network. With a team of industry experts, we are ready to design sustainable solutions that help you achieve a greener supply chain. 


With a strong heritage and years of experience, we have gained a high level of expertise and experience in providing solutions to complex supply chain challenges. We are freight forwarders, and we know your industry and business by heart.


ICM is a global business, but always remains close to the local market. Working with container carriers, airlines, road hauliers and railway operators, we can move goods to wherever they are needed. As one of the largest buyers globally we are able to combine competitive pricing and strong, long-standing relationships with carriers.


We provide greener and more efficient transport solutions through better planning, new technologies and innovative solutions. Our highly digitalised operation gives us competitive advantage. We integrate many of our IT systems with both customers and suppliers.